Grand Master myazato eiiichi Okinawa Karate

Grand Master Eiichi Miyazato

If you are looking for traditional martial arts, based on concepts of respect, loyalty, honour and fraternity, you came to the right place!

The goals of Hanshi Kiichi Nakamoto and Jaime Pereira in teaching Karate are to spread the knowledge of late Hanshi Eiichi Miyazato, both in technical and intellectual aspects, not only for the purpose of producing top champions but also and mainly, in order to develop and guide the Karateka of all ages and their journey trough the long and true way (Do) of Karate and of the preservation of Chojun Miyagi Okinawa Goju Ryu.

Sensei Grand Master Kiichi Nakamoto WOKKA

Grand Master Kiichi Nakamoto

10th Dan Karate & Kobujutsu

Goju Ryu OKinawakan Karate-Do Institute.

Is one of the few Chojun Miyagi and Kina Shosei and Eiichi Miyazato living direct students

Karate and Kobudo Wokka - World Official Karate and Kobudo Association

Sensei Grand Master Jaime Pereira WOKKA

Master Jaime Pereira

9th Dan Karate OkinawaKan (recognized by WGKF)

8th Dan Karate World Karate Federation (WKF)

Was a direct student of Grand Master Eiichi Miyazato, Hanshi, and is its representative in Portugal (Shibucho)

Group Membership
For any karate or kobudo group, karate or kobudo club (or similar organization) or dojo, desiring official membership  with the WOKKA to teach the Okinawa karate system (Chojun Miyagi – Eiichi Miyazato) or the Ufuchiku kobudo system (Sanda Kanagusuku – Shosei Kina -Shinyei Kyan).

Individual Membership
For any individual interested in joining the WOKKA, and attending one of our dojo or affiliated organizations near them.
Send Membership Application Form to the International Department of

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